My best friend: jet lag

Yesterday, as the day came to an end, my head was about to explode, my eyes were blinking nonstop, my body was not reacting to anything anymore. After having eaten the unidentified thing I bought at the nearby supermarket (was it fish? chicken? beef?), I went to bed. That was about 10pm. The problem was that at 4 am I woke up, ready to start working, running the marathon or doing another intercontinental flight. For three yours, I watched Japanese TV, googled everything that came to my mind and called to Europe (very convenient this jet lag because it was 8pm in Lisbon and 9 in Brussels). At 7 am - when, I presume, this never-ending crowd of people was already going out of their 'tatami' - I went to bed again but then the humidity prevented me from sleeping for another hour.

Today, things are getting better but still... I'm not hungry when I'm supposed to eat, I'm not sleepy when I'm supposed to sleep and so on. Hope the coming days will correct this unscheduled life I'm now experiencing.

For those who know Tokyo, I've already been in Shibuya crossing but that's another story. I will come to that when I'm not jet lagged.

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