After 21 hours, 11 newspapers/ magazines, 7 horrible meals, 3 airports, 2 flights, 1 book and a nap of 30 minutes, I finally arrived in Tokyo. It's a long and painful journey and it was good to have PC waiting for me at the airport. As we drove to the city, the question that came to my mind was: considering the distance, have we by accident landed in Novosibirsk and we are now doing the final leg by car?

The answer is no. Narita International Airport (considered one of the most friendly airports in the world) is just placed in a remote spot outside the metropolis. I have now been awake for about 31 hours and the result is that all distances seem enormous, all words seem Japanese, all people look alike. And as my body and mind are fading, I just drop a word here to say hello to friends waiting for this. Immediately a lot of bowing in the first day and, as I expected, the gesture is quite contagious... I'm afraid I'm doing it already...

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  1. there's a Japanese proverb that says: "“It is better to travel hopefully than to arrive disenchanted”. All the very best for this new chapter... Jorge RO