In a birds eye view (the only one I can have after one week), I have the feeling that Tokyoites on the street are either sleeping or speaking on their mob phone. On the metro, only the first option is valid: they seat down and, if they are alone, they close their eyes and... good nap! They sleep for a couple of minutes and they seem to be as confortable as if they were in bed! I don't know how, but when the train stops in their station, they wake up, jump out of their seat and leave. I do envy their ability to do such thing.
Another visible national sport are the mobile phones. Surprisingly enough, they are big and people seem to be talking all the time. If that is not the case, they are texting but then again the handy does play a major role. Also here, I wish I had already bought a mob...

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  1. My sister has her own theory about tokyoites sleeping in the subway and waking up in "the right" station: they just go there to sleep and once they have rested enough, they leave and go back to their lives.
    As for the mobiles, you will notice they sometimes are just watching TV. I think it's because they're so shy and, either sleeping or texting or reading, they avoid eye contact with other passengers.
    Interesting country this one, and very very interesting people! You're gonna love it:)