Notes on Kobe

1. Kobe became known for a bad reason - the 1995 earthquake caused more than 6000 casualties. 16 years later no sign is visible. Kobe lives its daily life as always but you can't help looking at their faces and wondering: where were you in that sad dawn?

2. Kobe City Museum: Wenceslau de Moraes was our consul here 100 years ago and this very interesting museum preserves some of Wenceslau's memorabilia, including the 1st edition of Culto do Cha. Also the famous namban screens and several jesuitic stuff (including a portrait of S. Francisco Xavier).

3. Kitano district - when Kobe opened its port in 1868, several European merchants, businessmen and diplomats settled in the northern part of the city, called Kitano. It is now a trendy area, with lovely preserved buildings and fine shops and restaurants. Photos will come at a later stage.

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