Notes from Osaka

1. I'm told to be ready at 6.28pm. Enter the room at 6.30pm. Will be introduced to people for 4 minutes and deliver my speech. This is Japanese precision.

2. Osaka is booming - the remains of the past are gone (WW II and earthquakes) and what one sees on the street is a vibrant, young and dynamic society. It's not a big town, they tell me. Only 4 million inhabitants. Yeah...

3. Osaka proudly carries the tittle of Japan's gastronomic capital. No doubt. From the okonomiaki to the banana pudding, I dont know which one I liked the most.

4. Dinner of the Japan-Portugal society. 110 participants in a Madeira and Port wine promotion event. Lecture about PT wines and castela cake (goes with Madeira) and chocolate mousse (goes with Port, see photo). Amazing people and an immense love for Portugal.

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