OMG - I miss Belgium!

Today's edition of "The Japan Times" has a 2 full pages cover about Belgium. And as I'm having my coffee in trendy Marunouchi-Dori, I cant help this feeling of nostalgia. The articles mention the "working class Marolles" (my favourite flea market), the "aristocratic Sablon" (good old Marcolini), the "very trendy saint Gery" (the beers in the old market...). And i wonder who is now seating in My usual couch in "cercle des voyageurs" or the friends chating around a coffee in orfeu (with Joaquim and Fernanda) or the "blanches" in chatelain or the new arrivals in tropisme... Brussels may not have a good reputation as a spot but for all those who lived there, We know that it is a well kept secret.

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