I do like these gals. And I love the series (and sorry, it may not be Mme. Bovary or Le Temps Perdu, but it is not as superficial as some may tend to think – it is full of real life, life as it is, life of ordinary people, life of happiness and sorrow). But it doesn't work as a film. The rhythm of the series, in a 25 minute episode, is not consistent with the logic of a 2 ½ hour film. But there is more: S&C is not just about the four. There is a 5th and crucial character: the big apple, New York City. In this film, NYC vanishes and we go to the desert in Abu-Dhabi (what could had been an amazing PR exercise for Abu-Dhabi turned out in very bad publicity…). For “Sex and the Desert”, several other options come to my mind, in fact. We want NYC back. And please, do us a favour: stop the sequence of movies. Leave us the good souvenir of the good old series.

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