OK, there we go. Within a few hours my social exclusion starts. It happens every two years, when the European and World Cups take place. For a month, there is no economic crisis, political debate, new films or books, posts or working issues, dinners or social events. Everything is about footbal, matches, results, players, qualifications and many other spiritual concepts whose use and understanding I’m deprived of. People don’t answer phones and I don’t understand why. Invitations are rejected and I tend to feel it is personal. Streets are empty and I wonder if I’m going to the office on a Sunday.
It is not that I don’t like footbal, as you may think. No: the point is that I’m totally indifferent to football. As a sport and as an event, I couldn’t care less. I don’t spend 30 seconds in front of the TV. My enthusiasm about footbal is the same of a 5 year old child who goes to the pediatric; of a housewife in Transylvania about global warming; of my grandfather about the particle accelerator.
And please, do NOT raise the argument about patriotism – I see no relation between love for one’s country and the result of what is now a major international industry where a bunch of men are outrageously payed to kick a ball. Greece won the Euro Cup in 2004 but that didn’t prevent the country to be where it is now. Is it more or less respected because of footbal? I doubt.
My social ostracism is about to begin and is going to last for a month. I respect everyone’s inner faiths but I take the opportunity to announce here that I’m glad to take invitations for dinners, cinema, drinks and other social programs in the coming month event if they coincide with the “big” (ooohhh) matches. Registration starts NOW.

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