Unpredictable unlikely events

As the meeting came to an end, my Spanish colleague and I left the building and were walking on the street. We were speaking about minor things when I saw there was a Japanese man coming in our direction. He was not a typical “salary-man”, as local tradition refers to them. Elegantly dressed and with a firm walk, he was carrying a paper on his left hand and a briefcase on his right, seeming to be looking for something. It is quite normal here to see people on the street – even locals – with a map, trying to spot a place. As those who live here know very well by experience, addresses are not a great help and without a map one risks to be walking endlessly around the neighbourhood.

The man stopped in front of us and, in good “oxfordised” accent, he said: “Excuse me, do you speak English?” After our affirmative answer (I thought he was going to ask for an information), he showed us his papers and said: “Gentlemen, I have an announcement to make”. Weird, I thought. He continued: “Jesus loves you and wants to save you! May I share my thoughts with you?”. We declined his kind offer and continued our walk. A Japanese man in Tokyo tries to convert a Portuguese and a Spanish to Christianity.

Strange world we live in.

(today, a post in English because some foreign friends are protesting about the exclusive use of Portuguese).

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